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In this radio interview from December 4, 2010, Joseph Marshall III shares thoughts about his newest book entitled, To You We Shall Return: Lessons About Our Planet from the Lakota.

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Joseph Marshall III plays the character of Loved by the Buffalo in the series, Into The West, produced by Steven Spielberg .

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A video interview with Joseph Marshall III about his book, The Lakota Way.

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Keep a compilation of spiritual insights and advice given over a period of years by my maternal grandfather.  I wrote this piece during a particular difficult time to remind myself of these profound words to find the strength to keep going.

Joseph M. Marshall III

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Return to Lonesome Dove
Picking up after the seven-time Emmy® Award-winning mini-series, Lonesome Dove, Return to Lonesome Dove is based on characters created by Pulitzer Prize-winning author Larry McMurtry.  

Like it's successor, this epic mini-series features an all-star cast including Jon Voight (Noah's Ark), Joseph Marshall III, Barbara Hershey (Beaches), Rick Schroder (Lonesome Dove), Louis Gossett, Jr. (An Officer and A Gentleman), Oliver Reed (Gladiator) and Reese Witherspoon (Election) continuing the sweeping story of three ex-Texas Rangers.

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Hunter-Warrior of the Plains
Set on the northern plains in the 1860's, this video tells the story of two teenage Plains Indian boys as they learn to be hunters and warriors.  Under the watchful eye of their teacher and father, they practice and perfect skills such as tracking, scouting, and shooting bows and arrows. 

From painting a war horse to hunting buffalo to a close call with an enemy warrior, everything was an important part of the physical and spiritual development which turned boys into hunters and warriors.

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How the West was Lost
This video is the true history of the west.  That it was really lost, and not won.  

Stories of the Navajo, Nez Perce, Apache, Cheynne and the Lakota's.  It tells what really happened at Wounded Knee and the Sand Creek mascree.

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The Real West
Greystone's series aired on A&E and the History Channel and hosted by Kenny Rogers.

The myths, legends and realities of the Old West come alive in The Real West with Kenny Rogers.  Through original footage, authentic diaries, paintings, photos and expert commentary, this award-winning series
reawakens the adventure of our most fabled era.

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