Crazy Horse Leadership Seminar
By Joseph Marshall III

The Crazy Horse Leadership Seminar is offered by Joseph Marshall III, based on the principles discussed in his book The Power of Four: Leadership Lessons of Crazy Horse, released by Sterling Publishing in January of 2009.

The focal point of the six-hour (full day) session is how character is a necessary and empowering element of leadership. The course uses a historical and biographical case study of the Lakota leader Crazy Horse. From the case studies, participants will learn the four-point philosophy of Crazy Horse’s leadership style, and how to apply that philosophy in any scenario or organization today.

The course is designed for anyone at any level in any organization.

Mr. Marshall has been involved as a senior faculty member in leadership seminars since 1997. He has presented the Leadership Lessons of Crazy Horse to executives of a major labor union and a department within the federal government.

The seminar can be presented at your location for classes of ten students or more.

For a full course description and information on costs and logistics, please contact Connie West at

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